Transition Time for Veterans

This interactive tool allows veterans to estimate the preparation time required to transition from their military occupation to another one in Indiana. "Transition time," while measured in weeks of academic, technical or vocational training, is a relative measure to provide an estimate of the relative time moving from one type of job to another. This method, in effect, compares the similarity of education and training between occupations.

Select a branch of service:
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Type in the job title or MOS code:

Select the title for a civilian occupation that best matches it

Quick Steps to Use This Tool

  1. Type in current/previous job title.
  2. Click on a best-match civilian job (required).

How Can You Use the Resulting List of Occupations?

The transition time is a relative measure to help weigh alternatives in terms of how difficult it might be to change jobs.

  • The first tab shows occupations with similar wages. The other tabs show occupations with higher wages or those that are in high demand.
  • For more information about the destination occupation (e.g., whether the job is in high demand), click on the actual occupation title to get a report.