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The Regional Labor Mix

Discover a region's mix of occupations or industries. These reports and visualizations are useful when meeting with boards, professionals and prospects. You choose the counties to create the regional configuration and the tool does the rest.

Temporarily Unavailable

The Regional Labor Mix can provide important insights into the strengths of a particular region (of your choice) or identify gaps in particular occupations or industries that your community thinks is important in building your economy.

The numbers used are modeled estimates for 2019 and use all publicly available industry employment and occupation data available as inputs to the models (each application has its own set of modeled estimates, since occupations and industry employment are different "branches" of the tree.

Using these reports and maps can help to visualize and clarify the mix of industries and occupations across the state and are intended to be used regionally. County-specific modeled estimates are not available at this time, but rather the focus is on building a region to see the agglomeration of jobs by occupation or jobs by industry at the highest level of detail—the 6-digit Standard Occupation Code (SOC) or the 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)—without the data-with-holes effect that occurs because of suppression in standard public data releases.