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Employer Resources

Looking for talent in Indiana and need to know more about the labor market? This page provides access to relevant resources geared to employers.

Know The Labor Market

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Business Lookup Tool

Find competitors or suppliers in your region using this look-up tool for Indiana.

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Cost of Living Calculator

Show prospects the difference in costs between Indiana communities and those in other states - especially on the coasts. Go to the calculator.

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Hourly Wage Dashboard

Every job (occupation) across the state by the hourly wage (or select annual salary) is at your fingertips. This is based on a large sample and while it lags a big timewise, it is a great guide to what the average wage is out there among hundreds of different jobs. You can also check out the IN Demand Jobs website.

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Employment Outlook through 2031

Get the heads-up on the types of jobs most in demand 5 and 10 years from now. This dashboard let’s you see the overall picture but you can also drill in by job types as well as regions.

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Regional Labor Market Analysts Across Indiana

DWD has labor market analysts available for every region who can help you understand what the opportunities are where you live. Select your region now.

Finding Workers

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Indiana’s Workforce Hub:  One Stop to Start

Get connected to talent through the Employer Resource Navigator, so you can support employee growth and achieve business success simultaneously.

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Business Services

Indiana's no cost business services include untapped labor pools, layoff aversion, rapid response, Next Level Jobs Employment Training Grants.

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Indiana Career Connect

Find candidates quickly in real-time. Post your jobs on Indiana Career Connect where job seekers will find them.

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Work-to-Learn Apprenticeships

The Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeships assists employers in expanding their capacity through employee education and apprenticeships.