Hoosiers by the Numbers

Your premier source for labor market information for Indiana.

Data by Topic

    • Clusters
      Data for industry and occupation clusters
    • Commuting
      Gain insight into the residence and work patterns between counties
    • Demographics
      Population, household, race and affirmative action
    • Economic Indicators
      Building permits, CPI, lagging/leading indicators and taxes
    • Education
      Educational attainment, completion data, occupations by educational requirements and license lookup tool
    • Employment
      Employment by industry and occupation, major employers and business lookup tool
    • Income and Wages
      Occupational earnings, per capita personal income, wage demand and government transfer payments
    • Industry
      Local employment dynamics, employment by industry, occupations by industry and projections
    • Labor Force
      Projections, labor surplus areas, and labor force and unemployment estimates
    • Occupations
      Career guides, occupation and wage data by industry, industry projections by job, and license lookup tool
    • Unemployment
      Labor force and unemployment estimates, weekly unemployment insurance claims, and mass layoff statistics
    • Veterans
      Information about veterans in the labor force and veteran benefits