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Earnings and Income

Industry employment is tabulated as jobs by place-of-work. Keep in mind that people may hold multiple jobs and that each job is counted by its industry. Note: The income figures and changes are not adjusted for inflation.

Average Annual Earnings by Industry
 201120155 Year
5 Year
% Change
All Industries$35,282$37,942$2,6617.5%
  Ag., For., Fishing, & Hunt.$31,139$32,519$1,3804.4%
  Wholesale Trade$42,371$47,613$5,24212.4%
  Retail Trade$20,831$23,032$2,20110.6%
  Trans. & Warehousing$38,676$41,676$3,0017.8%
  Finance & Insurance$41,218$47,027$5,80914.1%
  Real Est., Rent., Leasing$33,305$41,401$8,09624.3%
  Prof. & Tech. Svcs.$37,498$46,134$8,63623.0%
  Mgt.of Companies$46,931$47,979$1,0482.2%
  Admin. & Waste Svcs.$18,732$22,099$3,36718.0%
  Education Svcs.$40,056$48,727$8,67121.6%
  Health Care & Social Assist.$42,474$45,693$3,2197.6%
  Arts, Ent. &, Rec.$12,985$14,767$1,78313.7%
  Accom. & Food Svcs.$13,105$14,153$1,0498.0%
  Other Svcs.$25,193$29,226$4,03316.0%
  Fed.l, State & Local Govt.$42,055$44,423$2,3685.6%
Note: Total employment represents the sum of total private sector and total government sector employment. State and local government schools and hospitals are included in the government total. Sectors may not sum to the total (or agree with BLS published total employment) due to suppression issues. D = non-discloseable in compliance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or State of Indiana confidentiality guidelines. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics & Indiana Department of Workforce Development, as of June 2015.
Per Capita Income Over Time
Total Per Capita Income$19,253$23,080$27,152$31,068$34,922
Change Since 1994 $3,827$7,899$11,815$15,669
Pct. Change Since 1994 19.9%41.0%61.4%81.4%
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
Income & Wage
Median family income in 2015 (ACS)$53,070
Median household income in 2015 (ACS)$40,313
Average Wage Per Job in 2015 (BLS)$37,941
    Wage Growth since 2000 (BLS)43.5%
Source: US Census Bureau, ACS 5 Year Estimates & Bureau of Labor Statistics

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