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The level of education of our workforce is a critical factor for economic and community development. It often provides insight into the skill levels of a local area. The metrics provided here focus on the attainment of degrees and high school graduates' higher education intent. The type of work (occupations) residents perform can also assist in understanding skill levels.

Educational Attainment
Total Population 25 and Older66,32878,49196,003112,908124,757
    Less than 9th Grade16,85612,8959,1119,5219,732
    9th to 12th, No Diploma14,19014,09916,99617,87014,602
    High School Graduate (incl. equiv.)23,86432,28137,55541,78845,587
    Some College, No Degree  14,70321,14424,409
    Associate Degree  3,9925,0767,750
    Bachelors Degree  8,49411,24615,372
    Graduate or Professional Degree*  5,1526,2637,305
Source: U.S. Census Bureau & American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates
*2011 data includes Doctorate Degrees
High School Graduates Going on to Higher Education
Total Graduates1,8581,9442,0542,054
  Total to Higher Education1,4321,5161,6581,607
    Four-Year Institution1,1341,2281,2841,224
    Two-Year Institution213195279223
Source: Indiana Department of Education
Educational Attainment in 2000 and 2013
 2000Pct. of
Pop. 25+
2012Pct. of
Pop. 25+
Total Population 25+112,908100.0%124,757100.0%
  Less than 9th Grade9,5218.4%9,7327.8%
  9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma17,87015.8%14,60211.7%
  High School Graduate (incl. equivalency)41,78837.0%45,58736.5%
  Some College, No Degree21,14418.7%24,40919.6%
  Associate's Degree5,0764.5%7,7506.2%
  Bachelor's Degree11,24610.0%15,37212.3%
  Graduate or Professional Degree**6,2635.5%7,3055.9%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau & American Community Survey 5 year estimates.
**2011 Graduate or Professional Degree data include Doctorate Degrees
High School Graduates Higher Education Intent
 2008 Pct. Dist.Indiana Pct. Dist.
  Total Going on to Higher Education78.2%84.1%
    Four-Year Institution59.6%61.2%
    Two-Year Institution10.9%15.9%
    Vocational and Tech.7.8%7.0%
Source: Indiana Department of Education

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