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Public Employee Data

The State of Indiana has required all public entities (local governments, schools, universities and others) to submit public employee records since 1943 (IC 5-11-13-1 and IC 5-14-3.8-7).


Beginning in 2013, those records were submitted to the Indiana State Board of Accounts via a digital platform developed and maintained by the Indiana Business Research Center.Those records include name, department, entity, job title and compensation and generally constitute about 520,000 records each year.

As part of the IBRC & DWD’s occupation assignment work, we decided to use this information in our direct assignment model.¬†However, a major challenge to overcome was matching the informal, internal job titles used by these thousands of local units to standardized codes. We created crosswalks between public employee records and SOC codes and provide a guide to matching such job titles to SOC and a companion excel file with the crosswalk below for those State LMI shops that would like to test or deploy such methods to their own administrative records in their state.