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Unemployment Claims (County Level, Weekly)

The unemployment claims data includes claims for each week and does not exclude claims for people with earnings or payment deductions. Claims are reported by county of residence and are not based on county of employment.

The counts for claimants filing for extended Unemployment Compensation will not be included in these figures. That data is provided at the statewide level on the Employment Training and Administration (ETA) website.

Initial and continued claims counts displayed here may not agree with official counts posted elsewhere due to exclusion of denied initial claims and use of the compensable week rather than the filing week for inclusion in the counts (i.e. eliminates multiple week claims filed at the same time).

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an initial claim?
    Any notice of unemployment filed to request a new determination of entitlement to and eligibility for compensation or to begin a second or subsequent period of eligibility within a benefit year or period of eligibility.
  • What is a continued claim?
    A claim filed subsequent to the initial claim, reporting continued unemployment. The claimant may or may not receive benefits based eligibility.