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Vigo County, IN Highlights


Industry employment is tabulated as jobs by place-of-work. Keep in mind that people may hold multiple jobs and that each job is counted by its industry.

Average Employment by Sector
 201920202021202220235 Year
5 Year
% Change
Total Employment47,80844,92245,26745,56945,583-2,225-4.65%
Total Private Employment40,39037,68338,12838,54738,677-1,713-4.24%
  Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunt131119105117115-16-12.21%
  Wholesale Trade1,1561,1661,2311,3311,39123520.33%
  Retail Trade6,2836,1416,2266,2486,163-120-1.91%
  Transport. and Warehousing1,2391,3181,3851,5601,51627722.36%
  Finance and Insurance1,3691,3021,2551,2331,235-134-9.79%
  Real Estate, Rental, Leasing656618589584624-32-4.88%
  Professional and Tech. Servs.1,0211,0171,040981976-45-4.41%
  Mgmt. of Companies295285278281275-20-6.78%
  Admin. and Waste Services2,4591,9161,9031,8231,667-792-32.21%
  Educational Services1,1501,0741,1061,1351,168181.57%
  Health Care and Social Assistance9,0588,7898,6958,1648,401-657-7.25%
  Arts, Entertain., and Recreation461383413474400-61-13.23%
  Accommodation and Food Service5,3424,6684,9355,1635,267-75-1.40%
  Other Services1,3611,2311,3001,3391,371100.73%
Federal, State, & Local Govt.7,4187,2397,1387,0226,906-512-6.90%
Note: D = non-discloseable in compliance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or State of Indiana confidentiality guidelines. Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development, as July 2024.
Establishments by Sector
 201920202021202220235 Year
5 Year
% Change
Total Establishments2,3772,3932,3982,4842,5061295.43%
Total Private Establishments2,2832,3002,3072,3942,4231406.13%
  Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunt2021202019-1-5.00%
  Wholesale Trade991029610110677.07%
  Retail Trade36836936536137020.54%
  Transport. and Warehousing6970727678913.04%
  Finance and Insurance15315615616315742.61%
  Real Estate, Rental, Leasing9395919190-3-3.23%
  Professional and Tech. Servs.1771801902142052815.82%
  Mgmt. of Companies1714141414-3-17.65%
  Admin. and Waste Services1131091091191251210.62%
  Educational Services232425262414.35%
  Health Care and Social Assistance3263303333523593310.12%
  Arts, Entertain., and Recreation4243464947511.90%
  Accommodation and Food Service26026425926226331.15%
  Other Services202199200206216146.93%
Federal, State, & Local Govt.9493929083-11-11.70%
Note: �Total employment represents the sum of total private sector and total government sector employment. �State and local government schools and hospitals are included in the government total. �Sectors may not sum to the total (or agree with BLS published total employment) due to suppression issues. �D = non-discloseable in compliance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or State of Indiana confidentiality guidelines. �Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics & Indiana Department of Workforce Development, as of July 2024.